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Project Seed Money was founded with a passion for helping women tell their story through writing. This online platform was created for networking and financial assistance. We hope to connect women and their stories to the world. Submit an essay today for a chance at $1500 in help towards writing and/or publishing your book. 

Seed money for women authors is hard to come by. Project Seed Money wants to help! Submit an essay today for your opportunity to be a $1500 finalist. Click here to apply. Application fee is $35 per application. 

Project Seed Money is not just bestowing seed money to noteworthy women, we are formulating a network of women in local marketplaces across the country. The PSM Review Council is an eclectic group of women hoping to spur on new authors towards sharing their stories with the world. Check out our Review Council. We hope to bring financial assistance to women for: editing, cover design, web design, formatting and getting published. 

Each application helps a women achieve their dreams!

How it works

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You Apply

The process starts with you and your application.


Application Quota Reached

When the application quota has been reached, our Review Council will begin the essay review process. We aim to award a grant every month. 


Review Round

Essays are divided evenly amongst the Review Council for processing. The final five will be selected for a phone interview.


Grant Awarded

One woman will be chosen each cycle for the $1500 seed money. Finalists will be featured on the Project Seed Money website and social media platforms.

Meet the Team

We aren’t just granting startup funds, we are building a network of women helping women reach their goals!

Learn more about who we are and why we are here to help you.
Meet our review council team.