Because we have such a large Review Council, each woman is looking for something different in what she is reading. So, be clear, direct and passionate about your book idea.

Anyone over 18 years old, who identifies as a woman, is a United States citizen, and is currently writing a book about their life.

No novels and no children books. We look to connect non-fiction, vulnerable stories to women: stories inspiring women toward physical, spiritual, emotional or mental health, challenging or unique childhood stories, or stories that show struggles or successes.

Yes. But because this is not a lottery, it is not necessarily helpful unless you are submitting different essay topics. You are also welcomed to apply for each new cycle as the Review Council may be looking for something different each cycle.

PSM is designed to bestow $1500 to one grant finalist, per month, as funding allows.

Applicants will submit an essay with their $35 application fee. The applications are reviewed by our Review Council Team. The top two finalists will be contacted for a phone interview – a finalist is chosen for a $1500 grant to help with expenses involved in the publication of their book.

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