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At Project Seed Money, we believe every woman has a powerful story within waiting to be told. Your donation transforms those untold stories into published realities. By contributing to our fundraising campaigns, grants, workshops and events, you directly empower female voices looking to break into publishing.

Your dollars fuel more than our monthly $1500 women’s writing grants for costs like editing and cover design. They also allow us to host seminars, networking events, and mentoring programs fostering a supportive community helping women authors thrive.

Empowering Women Authors

Each donation directly supports grants for editing, cover design, web design, formatting, and publishing.

Elevating Underrepresented Voices

Project Seed Money is committed to promoting the works of authors from a variety of backgrounds to enrich the literary world.

Building Community

Donations also support workshops, mentorship programs, and networking events to cultivate a supportive environment for women writers.

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The publishing industry drastically underrepresents female writers, especially women from marginalized communities. We’re working to drive change, but we must have donor backing to succeed. From manuscript to printed book, your contribution transforms lives by helping put transformational stories out into the world. Become a Champion for Women Writers Project Seed Money operates entirely on applications and private donations like yours. Every amount allows our programs supporting women authors to thrive!

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