Wendy Blubaugh profile picture

Wendy Blubaugh is a graphic designer, publisher, and founding member of Project Seed Money, which provides grants to female writers.

With 15+ years of in-house and freelance design experience, Wendy brings creativity and passion to empowering authors. She leverages her expertise in programs like InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator to craft engaging book covers and bring stories to life visually.

A Southern California Native, Wendy has been lucky to experience rich history and natural beauty of America while accompanying her husband during his Navy career. Currently back in Southern California drawing inspiration from the local landscapes and arts and pursues hands-on creativity through gardening, Yarning (as her daughter calls crochet and knitting), and biking.

In addition to design, Wendy provides knowledgeable self-publishing consulting, having published numerous books herself. As a founding member of Project Seed Money, she finds fulfillment in helping talented women share their literary voices.