Project Seed Money

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing!

Project Seed Money LLC was started by friends who enjoy helping the community. Project Seed Money is an online platform designed to present $1500 of grant money to one finalist to share her story with the world by means of connecting her with an editor, manuscript formatting, cover design, web design, publishing and more. 

At Project Seed Money we believe thriving connections are vital for personal and business success. We love our male counterparts, husbands, sons, brothers, fathers, and friends. However, Project Seed Money is women-centric and is designed to support women in the marketplace. 

Grants for Women Authors

Project Seed Money aims to amplify and empower female voices in publishing. The traditional industry skews heavily male, with less than 5% of authors landing major deals annually. The odds are even more daunting for women who are also minorities, LGBTQ+, or have disabilities.

We want to help change that landscape. Our female-founded organization was started by friends passionate about helping women in the community. We provide grants, a supportive network, and publishing resources to help women authors publish their stories.

Once we have 43 applications we award a $1500 grant to one talented female writer to assist with costs like editing, design, and publishing. Beyond financial assistance, we build community through events, forums, and mentoring to foster connections and share knowledge.

At Project Seed Money, we believe thriving connections are vital for personal and business success. While we love and support our male counterparts, Project Seed Money is women-centric – designed to uplift women authors in the marketplace.

Our goal is to make publishing an empowering, collaborative process for women of all backgrounds. Every woman has a powerful story waiting to emerge. We nurture those stories from manuscript to published book, transforming publishing and empowering women’s voices.

Join our community of women writers today and together, we can drive real change.

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